The Best One specializes in Structural Steel Detailing for the fabrication of steel used in building construction.

We are committed to the highest standards and guarantee only the best steel detailing with 3D modeling.

By combining an efficient time frame with the latest technology from Tekla Structures, a seamless information flow is achieved from the drafting table to the fabrication shop. The Best One boasts three priorities – accuracy, efficiency, and clarity on every single drawing from the concept until the completion of the project.

Our steel detailers have an error-free agenda to ensure that clients and colleagues enjoy only the best (and safest) construction, from planning and ordering materials to steel fabrication and erection.

Our Typical Structural Steel Detailing Process Includes:

  • The project details from the customer along with the received requirements.
  • The files that are transferred via email or uploaded on a secure FTP server, Dropbox, or by couriers.
  • Reviewing the project details in the context of the parameters, such as the type of service to be provided, type of structure, standards or requirements to be followed, format of final drawing and models, etc.
  • A quotation and time line that will be sent to the client.
  • On approval and confirmation of the quotation and the order, the work process begins. The delivery model is finalized as per the client’s specifications.
  • On completion of work, the detailers’ team passes the work to the quality control team.
  • The quality control team does the first level check and takes into consideration the project parameters such as meeting the required specifications and following the standards.
  • If the quality control team is satisfied with the work, then they pass the work to the auditor who does the second level of checking. If the quality control team is not satisfied, then they resend the work to the detailers’ team.
  • Once the work has been approved and meets the quality standards, the work is then passed onto the Project Manager. If the work still needs to be modified, they will resend it back to the quality control team.
  • The Project Manager sends the completed work to the client after it is verified.